May 26, 2018

Al Safayat

Life Sketch

Greetings !!!

I’m Al Safayat, at present, working as a Career Consultant at Career Development Center (CDC) of Daffodil International University (DIU) with the aim of providing proper counselling and relevant support services to students. However, I love to introduce myself as a SEEKER.

I believe every human being was born unique & with qualities given with a definite purpose, like billions of other creations. I have tried to accept and use those gifts which allow me to utilize knowledge, connecting with my skills & abilities in order to achieve any goals as preferred.

Furthermore, I love to sense, feel, observe and experience the unknown, which excites me and suits my quest in life. I love to share that knowledge to ensure its best utilization in bringing more opportunities to people. I believe life is the only opportunity where we have to keep testing our limits. So that eventually we can find out more about the Architect behind our creation and fulfill the purpose given to us. In my work, I seek a straight path where happiness can be found through inner peace. A life that isn’t affected by wealth, status, power, physique or beauty but ideals & values. I want to reach somewhere that can lead this world towards a better sustainable future for the next generation.

In the end, I want to look in the mirror to see the reflection of my choices, to analyse my contributions and what I will leave behind when I die.

Keep in touch.

Best regards.

Aim & Goal

My career aim is to become an entrepreneur with a heart in the field of food by 2028. My objectives are to learn more about this arena & contribute a professional attitude as well as flair, innovation and very hard work to a fast-growing & value-based organization. Prior to that, my Core Goal is An honest living and Peaceful Death.


Public Speaking

Presentations inspired me at university level. It felt great the way I could express myself on subjects that were important to me. Gradually, this became a passion and I grew to love working in the area (View)


Since my childhood I have always wondered how the universe works. I spent hours and hours staring at the sky and asking questions about it. When I moved to Dhaka, I found the opportunity to learn about astronomy from Bangladesh Astronomical Association (BAA) and Bangladesh Astronomical Society (BAS).  


I see traveling not as relaxation but an opportunity to study more about nature, culture, creation, language and lifestyle. The more I travel, the more it helps to develop my perspectives and philosophy on life.


Malaysia (8-16 Feb 2018) (View)

Visited Place: Penang, Subang Perdana, Sri Subramaniaf Temple, Batu Caves, Mid Valley Shopping Mall, Golden Screen Movie Theater, TBS Terminal, George Town, Batu Ferringhi, The Ship, Penang Hill, MRT Shuttle, Kuala Lumpur City Center, Petronas, Twin Towers, Suria KLCC, Bukit Bintang, McDonald.

India (03-07 October 2017) (View)

Visited Place: Kolkata, Odisha, Pune, Bhubaneswar- KIIT University, KISS University.


Tanguar Haor, Sylhet (28-29 September 2018) (View)

Naoga, Rajshahi (9-10 April 2018)

Cox’s Bazar (13-14 December, & 22-23 September 2017)

Moinot Ghat, Kartikpur, Dhaka (20 Nov 2017 & 17 March 2017 )

Gualikhali Sea Beach, Sitakundo, Chittagong (07 September 2017)

Birishiri, Netrokona, Mymensing (24-26 March 2017)

Natore, Pabna, Rajshahi (15-17 Feb 2017)

Chadpur, Mohonpur (03 Feb 2017)

Sajek Valley, Khagrachari (09- 12 December 2016)


Love to click the moments I find amazing and meaningful. Have clicked many times with the aim of preserving these as memories for later in life.

Click to view: LandscapePortraitPanoramic, & 360 Degree.

Interior Design

As a hobby at the very beginning level (View 1, View 2)


“If you live each day as it were your last, someday you’ll be right”- Steve jobs

“Every human being is a puzzle of need. You must learn to intuit what is missing. Become the missing piece and they will give you anything”- Red Sparrow