May 31, 2018


Section A- Useful Career related document Links

01. Latest Format of Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Professional 2019 (Download)

02. Latest Format of Resume for Professional 2019 (Download)

03. Latest Format of EU Standard CV 2019 (Download)

04. Latest Format of CV 2019 for Fresher (Download)

05. Latest Format of Resume for Fresher (Download)

06. Latest Format of Cover Letter (Download)

07. Demo Format of Resume 2019 for Fresher (Download)

08. Experience Letter Draft (Download)

09. No Objection Certificate (NOC) Letter Draft (Download)

10. Google Site demo for Fresher (View)

11. Video Resume Script Demo for Fresher (Download)

12. Video Resume Content in Facebook (Join)


01. Joining Letter

02. Recommendation Letter

03. Resignation Letter

Section B- Useful Video Links 


01. How to face interview

02. How to Prepare Video Resume

03. Best Video Resume (Watch Video)

04. How to face Online interview

05. How to introduce yourself

06. How to present yourself

Section C- Lecture Materials

01. Presentation Outfit (Download)

02. Presentation Skill Enhancement 1 (Download)

03. Presentation Skill Enhancement 2 (Download)

04. Video Resume Preparation 1 (Download)