May 30, 2018




Year 2016 & 2015

Year 2016- Chosen as one of the top 10 of 500 candidates in the Daffodil International University Apprenticeship Training Program;

Year 2015 to 2016- Got 7 offer letters for higher studies from the USA, UK, Australia, and Netherlands.

Year 2015 to 2016- Received 8 appreciation letters for research publication from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, UAE, and Singapore.

Year 2015- My team won the Champion’s Award in DIU’s 1st Business Proposal Competition.

Higher Studies

During Year 2015 & 2016, Got 7 offer letters for higher studies from the USA, UK, Australia, and Netherlands. Details are shown below:

United States of America (USA)

I Global University, University in Tysons Corner, Virginia (Website)


Curtin University, Perth western Australia in Bachelor of Arts (Urban and Regional Planning) (Website)


Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, University in Rotterdam (Website)

  • Subject: MSc Programme in Urban Management and Development (UMD)
  • Postgraduate Diploma Course on Urban Management and Development Theories (UMDT)

United Kingdom (UK)

University of South Wales, Public University in Pontypridd, Wales in MSc Project Management (Website)

Coventry University, Public university in Coventry in MSC Construction Project and Cost Management (Website)

Liverpool John Moores University, Public university in Liverpool in PG DIP Urban Design (Website)

Northumbria University, University in Newcastle upon Tyne in MSc Real Estate (International) (Website)

University of Central Lancashire, Public university in Preston in Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Website)


01. Housing Finance: A Study on Public And Private Housing Finance Institutions In Bangladesh (Download)


Bangladesh has embarked on a gradual transition from a system of directed credit in a highly segmented market toward an integrated market-driven housing finance system. This transition has included an increased role of private and public sector banks in the immediate term and a functioning secondary mortgage market in the long term. To nurture home mortgage markets, this ambitious agenda would require a stable macro economy, low inflation, and careful fiscal policies. An active system of housing finance provides real economic benefits and positively affects savings, investment, and household wealth. Housing finance enables households to accumulate assets that can provide the collateral for their investment needs, thus stimulating small business. Housing finance development boosts equitable economic growth and reduces poverty by improving living conditions, empowering the middle and lower-income population, and strengthening communities. The present housing finance system in Bangladesh is extremely small and highly segmented. Government subsidized housing finance through the Bangladesh Bank through few MFIs in rural area. House Building Finance Corporation (BHBFC) is most common, while the nationalized commercial banks (NCBs) are decreasing their housing loan portfolios. The private sector specialized banks (particularly DBH & NHFIL), PCBs and FCBS with few MFIs are playing vital role for the growth of housing sector. This paper provides the contribution of financial institutions’ towards public and private sector housing and economic development in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Housing, Public and Private Sector, Housing Finance, Real Estate, Micro Finance

02. Daffodil International University: A Study on Master Plan Projection (Download)


Daffodil International University (DIU) is on its way to be the number one ranked university of Bangladesh by providing quality education and making leader for the future. As a top ranked university of Bangladesh, the quality and the IT based education system has created the university as a model of excellence for other universities of Bangladesh. Arrangement of different faculties, innovative programs under different departments, strong administration members, etc. has made Daffodil International University as unique one. By keeping its uniqueness, DIU is going to build the number one Permanent Campus of a private university with all modern and latest educational facilities and the work of the Permanent Campus at Ashulia was started on 10th February, 2011. The Permanent Campus project is in progress and will be implemented in four phases and it will have individual faculty and administrative infrastructure, residential hall, library, cafeteria, TSC, auditorium, playground, swimming pool, gymnasium, departmental faculties, and ICT center. This study is designed to describe the establishment and the authentic growth of DIU main campus, in details, to demonstrate the future plan of this university as a guideline for future development of a university Master Plan and it covers the entire activities done by DIU and future planning for completing the Permanent Campus at Ashulia.

Keywords: Daffodil International University, Permanent Campus, Master Plan, Ashulia.

03. MBA Dissertation ReportStrategic Marketing Plan in Higher Education: Daffodil International University (Download)

04. Bachelor’s Internship Report– A Study of Master Plan Projection of Daffodil International University (Download)

Superior’s Appreciation

“To me there are two types of people, those who have questions regarding life and those who don’t. Those who have questions eventually work out their place in the universe and their responsibilities. Those who don’t simply follow the crowd and live a life of ignorance. I find Al Safayat to be in the first category. He has plenty of questions regarding life. I wish him well on his journey to finding out the truth about this life and enlightenment”.

Prof. Yousuf Mahbubul Islam, PhD
Vice Chancellor, DIU


“In my years of academic career, I have nourished a significant number of students with values and professionalism. Mr. Safayat is one of those students with high potentiality who has managed to develop himself in a surprising level in last few years. I am sure, if he can maintain his present growth this way in coming future, he can achieve his goal in life. However, he still has so many aspects to learn to balance his knowledge with reality which I believe, he surely can achieve . My blessing is always with him. May he bring pride to his family and the nation”.

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Kamal
Dean, Permanent Campus, DIU


“Mr. Al Safayat is a highly efficient Officer bearing progressive outlook and creative thinking with quality output. He posses in-depth and sincere commitment to his own responsibilities as well as his organization. He always dreams to be successful in life with hard work & devotion and enjoy to work together in a team”.

Abu Taher Khan
Director, CDC, DIU


“I do believe Safayat has a supreme knowledge and experience on business related issues, especially on students’ Career Management. I would also like to add here that he has proven his ability on other parts of office activities also such as event management and corporate visit. As a person, Safayat has a very congenial personality, and I have seen that he can mix with different classes of people. To the best of my knowledge, he is honest and sincere in carrying out his responsibilities and duties. I wish him all the successes in his personal and professional life”.

Mohammad Shibli Shahriar
Head, Dept. of Entrepreneurship, DIU


“Al Safayat is, without any doubt, one of the most accomplished, innovative and efficient university administrators I have met in many years in Bangladesh. Always enthusiastic and willing to contribute, he perseveres and does far more work than is required of him. Al Safayat is creative and has broad vision but he also appreciates the importance of attention to detail. I continue to enjoy collaborating with him at Daffodil International University”.

Dr. Mark Bartholomew
UK Educationist


আমি যতটুকু বুঝেছি—আপনি অন্যদের চেয়ে অনেকটা ভিন্ন—যেটা মনুষ্যত্বের চিহ্নবাহী৷ আপনি ভালো করুন এবং ন্যায় পরায়ন থাকুন—এই কামনা! আল্লাহ আপনার সহায় হোন৷

Md. Maruf Khan
Motivational Speaker