May 30, 2018

Life Sketch

Greetings !!!

I’m Al Safayat, at present, working as a Career Consultant at Career Development Center (CDC) of Daffodil International University (DIU) with the aim of providing proper counselling and relevant support services to students while ensuring 100% job placement. However, I love to introduce myself as a SEEKER.

I believe I was born unique & with qualities given with a definite purpose, like billions of other creations. The only difference I have made is to accept and use those gifts which allow me to utilise knowledge, connecting with my skills & abilities in order to achieve any goals.

As an intelligent human being, I love to sense, feel, observe and experience the unknown, which excites me and suits my quest in life. I love to share that knowledge to ensure its best utilization in bringing more opportunities to people. I believe life is the only opportunity we have to keep testing our limits. So that eventually we can find out more about the Architect behind our creation and fulfill the purpose given to us. In my work, I seek a straight path where happiness can be found through inner peace. A life that isn’t affected by wealth, status, power, physique or beauty but ideals & values. I want to reach somewhere that can lead this world towards prosperity and to create a better sustainable future for the next generation.

In the end, I want to look in the mirror to see the reflection of my choices, to analyse my contributions and what I will leave behind when I die.

Keep in touch.

Best regards.